środa, 4 maja 2011

I am looking for the job

I am sitting and looking for he job via Internet. I am siting and looking for the job via Internet. I have bad condition. Dosturbens feeling in the right teaple area. Sound of crutching when I turn my head backward. Muscele tension along the spine, at the shoulders, at the chest and back of he neck. Malocclusion (Retrogenia). Temporomandibular disfunction.

In german: Kiefergelenkt. Dysgnatie (Retrogenie)

Tomorrow I am going to do baked beans.

I dipped the beans, I have the tomato paste, flour (potato and "Poznan"), cubes Knorr. Tomorrow I plan to make baked beans. What is importent for me? What question bothering me every day? What should I do for dinner? This is my general problem.

Thank you.


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