piątek, 8 kwietnia 2011

Don't be ashamed to cry if you realy feel like it.

Próbuję, bo mogę próbować.

Angielskiego pisania.

I woke up at 7:00. Made and ate dinner, was looking for the job via Internet, called to my brother, cleaned the room. Both of my rail are bad ( fall away from the teeth). Sometimes I feel a slight pain in the temporomandibular joints. I have sound of crutching when I turn my head of the bag. I have muscles tension. Tomorrow I will go somewhere by bike. I can not touch the hands of land, with a slope to the front (contraction of the muscles along the spine).

Don’t be ashamed to cry if you really feel like it.

But despair is not good.

You have to fight, if you want to live.

Life can surprise you.

You never know when something good happens.

About Bruges

What are the benefits of cycling? The bike does not pollute the environment as opposed to the car. Riding a bicycle is good for health. Riding a bicycle involves many muscle groups and improves aerobic capacity. If people in large cities began to ride bicycles in the majority, that could cause the disappearance of traffic congestion and reduce air pollution. Bruges is a good place for cycling. The town is charming. Former medieval architecture. There are many romantic places: canals, bridges, churches (“The Cathedral of the Holy Salvador” , “The Church of our Lady” and ” Basilica of Holy Blood”). The people who built this city characterized by a great sense of beauty and attention to every detail. It is a center of arts and commerce known as the “Flemish Venice”. It received city rights in 1128. It was here the last nine years of his life famous painter - Jan Van Eyck. There are many parks and places where you can relax. There is many small shops. Cycling in Bruges is safe due to the large number of paths for bicycles. You can rent a bike for the day for around 5 Euros. Bruges is a good place to rest.

It is spring. I think about women.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDRtfmIDS-U&feature=related. To listen.

Thank you.


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