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I would like to ask about any job at the moment.

1) What kind of job will be good for me?

1) Every job that I could do with malocclusion and temporomandibular disfunction.

2) Salary? I have to pay for a room, bay food, and pay for orthodontic treatment in Belgium (What is the cost orthodontic treatment? 2000-2500 euro/two years. What is the cost of surgery (BSSO) in Sint Jan Hospital? 4350 euro). My mode of transport is bicycle.

3) Any job that does not require a lot of talking and not have to impose a heavy weight.

4) Not very hard work

I can work: at the uniwersity (I like to learn new things), at the kitchen washing dishes, cleaner (in hotels, for example), I can take care of the elderly, know much about computer use (MS Windows, MS Office) and Internet, I can keep an eye on an object, to undertake any work that does not require a lot of talking and not have to impose a heavy weight, simple work in garden, I worked in Germany as a person paintings rooms (several days)

I wish I was a teacher at the University, but with the malocclusion and temporormandibular dysfunction I can not talk a lot (although I can write on the blackboard)

2)About me:

My name is Marcin Kozak. I live in Wroclaw ( Poland). I am 28 year old. I am fifth years student of Polish Philology (University of Wroclaw). I am polish citizen. Formerly I studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Technology (Wroclaw, Automation and Robotic, Biomechanical Engineering).

I came on these studies to the fourth year and I stopped studying for reasons of health problems.

3) My medical problem:

I have got malocclusion ( retrogenia), which requires complex both orthodontic and surgical treatment and temporomandibular dysfunction. The malocclusion badly affects my live.

I plan complex both orthodontic and surgical treatment in Belgium (surgery in Sint Jan Hospital in Bruges). Treatment will be took about two years. I need to earn money for treatment. Is there a possibility of getting a job?

4)My skills:

I know polish language. I have got knownledge about polish literature. I am interested in cycling. I fix my bike.

After studying at the Technical University of Wroclaw I know mathematics: Mathematical analysis. Linear Algebra. A bit of ordinary differential equations.

I take pictures with the camera.

I can write the texts.

I can speak a little english.

I learn quickly.

I will by looking forward to you reply.

Thank you

Marcin Kozak

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